Since 2010, Arnaud Moor, the President of the Proxis Développement Group, has invested €13 M in the Noyant production site (modernization of the buildings, acquisition of fermenting equipment, ultra-filter separation units, centrifuging, freeze dryers, etc.).

These investments have enabled a tripling of the production capacity and the creation of 25 jobs on-site.

Today, the current development of its business lines requires greater capacity for hosting the Studies and Development Center of Bioprox, Biodis and Cybèle Agrocare.

The extension project makes provision for increasing the floor space of the building (1,000 m²) on 2 floors in order to offer researchers better conditions for cutting-edge research with laboratory rooms, offices, and meeting rooms that comply with the standards for housing modern equipment, improving accessibility to it, and integrating a quality approach.

The extension worksite began in March 2019, and will last 9 months.