Two actors in plant nutrition draw closer together: “Cybèle Agrocare, a company in the BIOPROX group located in the Maine and Loire region and specialising in the development and industrial production of living microorganisms serving an agronomical purpose, has decided to entrust the distribution of its biofertilisers and biostimulants to EFIKA, a company based in the Vendée region that is an expert in mineral and specialty fertilisation.

These fertilising materials, authorised as Organic Agriculture, all benefit from AMM MFSC.

EFIKA will market these agricultural distribution solutions (businesses and cooperatives) throughout France.

With the goal of covering 50,000 HA in 2025, EFIKA will fill out its business team by recruiting 2 sales representatives to guide and support distributors.

EFIKA wants to be present on the market for large-scale agriculture, viticulture and specialised agriculture.