Who are we?


Created in 2004, Proxis Developpement is an independent French industrial group, developing, manufacturing and selling products, services and solutions to markets as wide-ranging as waste water treatment to perfume, agro-food and pharmacy industries.

The group consists of 4 business divisions, which are:


  • Pôle AQUAPROX, specialized in industrial water treatment
  • Pôle BIOPROX, specialized in food industry and biotechnological solutions
  • Pôle ICROM, specialized in the development and manufacture API and GMP intermiediates
  • Pôle SOZIO, perfume creation house for different industrial sectors (the perfume industry, cosmetics, ambiance and detergents.)


We are active in 4 areas of activity


Distribution of turnover by activity


Water treatment






Chemical pharmaceuticals

million euros of turnover

employees worldwide

R&D centers

production units


of turnover spent on innovation


of sales are international


of employees hired over the last five years

“ Proxis Développement, an industrial group headquartered and based in Levallois-Perret, is a human-sized family business firmly rooted in France.

We are an ETI, medium-sized enterprise, where more than 550 men and women of diverse nationalities work, strengthening our international culture. Our size equates to a German “Mittelstand” company, often cited as the key to industrial dynamism in Germany.

We develop, manufacture and market products that meet the needs of 4 types of industrial customers in the perfumery, water treatment, and food ingredient sectors, as well as pharmaceutical active ingredients. We also support our customers by offering them services that are inextricably linked to the supply of our products (statutory regulations, marketing, logistics, maintenance, product customisation, etc.).

As a result of the diversification and strong cross-fertilisation of our activities, we are consolidating our R&D strategy using a continuous innovation process.

Proxis Développement is a family business that intends to remain so in all aspects.

We have adopted a pragmatic development model based on our accumulated knowledge of the industrial sectors in which we are present. It is a model that we consider to be robust and agile, because it meets the requirements of the markets in which we operate and allows us to adapt to rapid changes in the macroeconomic environment.

We rely on strong financial resources, while at the same time having very little debt. For several decades, we have consistently applied a sustained, long-term, selective and rigorous investment strategy, which serves our development ambition and allows us to maintain our profitable growth model.

Almost all of our achieved results are reinvested in organic projects and external growth operations. To consolidate our external growth, we specifically adopt an acquisition policy dictated by innovative technologies.

For companies that have already joined our group, we have observed that the right balance between autonomy and participation in a common industrial project, are the perfect ingredients for successful integration.”


Arnaud MOOR, President of the Proxis Développement group.