« We invest heavily in the research and development of innovative solutions, in implementation, in fundamental research, internally in our laboratories and externally in a number of centres of excellence. We do all this while maintaining our goal of controlling the value chain of the products that we manufacture, implement and sell with a strong industrial response strategy.» Arnaud MOOR, President of the Proxis Development group

Innovation and R&D are more than ever at the heart of the Group’s strategic issues. With 6% of its turnover invested in R&D, Proxis Development currently has several Research and Development Centres in France and abroad.Maintaining constant close relations with staff working in the field, the task of the Proxis Développement Group’s R&D department is to develop innovative technologies which are both in line with environmental and economic regulations and tailored to the needs of industrial companies.

For example:

  • Products for cooling circuits and boilers designed to improve their energy performances
  • Bio-preservation fermentation processes in dairy products, increasing their life spans and offering total safety, etc.

This drive for innovation is implemented as a result of cooperation between the technical, sales and marketing departments, along with partnerships, as well as the contributions made to the Group by new technologies and the acquisition of fresh business activities.


Waste water treatment

Development of green biotechnologies and innovative solutions that respect the environment.




Selection of strains for the development of new fermentation products.

Chemical pharmaceuticals

Development of new products with high API potential, in particular those used in ophthalmia and oncology.


Development of new natural and certified organic perfume compositions.