Sozio is specialized in the creation of perfumes, manufacturing perfume compositions for various industrial sectors: perfume, cosmetics, ambiance and detergents.


Founded in 1758 in Grasse (France), Sozio is one of the leading pioneers of the French fine perfumery sector. Having been the backbone of several generations of families from Grasse, Sozio ultimately embodies the heritage of renowned perfumers’ skills and expertise. With a foundation of 260 years, today the company has become a key player in fragrance  manufacturing.

Inspired by dreams and emotions, Sozio is mindful of the importance of balance when creating innovative fragrances. With 15 master perfumers placing their artistic skills, their attentiveness and innovation at the service of customers in order to meet their needs. Today Sozio has 5 other creative centers (Levallois and Seillans in France, Piscataway in United States, Hong Kong and Jakarta) are responsible for all other needed support. This department combines creativity and reactivity to handle worldwide fine fragrance customer requests.

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